E-373, Mayur Vihar, Phase-II

Needle Pins & Rollers

Have you ever wondered how things like inline skate wheels, electric motors, car wheels, fan, wind mills, etc spin so smoothly and quietly? The answer can be found in a neat little machine called a “Ball” or “Roller” of a bearing.

We at DSP Precision manufactures Highly Précised Balls & Rollers like Cylindrical, Spherical, Taper & Needle Rollers which are according to UNI/DIN standards and even according to customer’s drawing. They are available in a wide range of dimensions and precision grades, with gauges selected according to standard tolerance classes. Main applications are in automotive industry, bearings industry, aeronautic industry, sliders, Aeolic field, vibro finishing, etc.


Common applications include precision bearings and automotive components such as brakes, line shaft and steering mechanisms. Other uses include machine tools, roller ball and ballpoint pens, cosmetics, furniture and appliance castors and precision measuring instruments. They are available in a wide choice of diameters from 0.64 mm to 12mm. Large steel bearing balls such as those made from 100Cr Mn6 are used in projects like windmills and where large bearing diameters are a necessity.

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